Predictive housing price model for the Sydney housing market

Funded by an initiative Landcom and Universities., this project's aim is the review and development of a predictive housing price model for the Sydney housing market. The project started in February 2018 with an 18 month duration.

Academic Team

Other project participants

  • Liam Schofield - Manager, Commercial Business and Business Development, UrbanGrowth
  • Sara Wilson - Senior Manager, Communications and Engagement, UrbanGrowth
  • Nicole Campbell - Manager, Collaborative Learning, UrbanGrowth
  • Michael Gadiel – Director, Economic Forecasting & Modelling Branch
  • Professor Peter Abelson - Specialist Advisor, NSW Treasury

Project summary

This research will develop a framework that augments existing predictive house price models and tests a range of additional economic variables with the intent of more accurately forecasting long-term (20 year horizon) real estate prices in the Sydney residential property market. This research will significantly enhance and transform current practices and approaches in infrastructure planning.